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Sunday, October 23, 2011

T is for Takamatsu (Mega-post)

So the last two posts of Takamatsu weren't enough for you? Well fear not as I have come to the rescue with a mega-post of topless goodness! This first pic right here should give you a good idea of what's so come. So put on your sunglasses cause it's about to get hot in here!

What you were expecting a Nazi reference? For shame! >:(

Check it. His chest is so hot it makes baseballs burn. Oh how I long to be squeezed by this guy until every drop of blood in my body runs down to my...well you know =P

Gotta love how he sparkles in almost every scene he has.

I'm imagining him in a black speedo by looking at this...nah I gotta really see him in one before I turn to that point.

I bet you're wondering the purpose of this episode of Angel Beats! Well truth is I could care less as all I'm focused on is Takamatsu.

Why do glasses make hotties look even hotter?

Looks like he's posing for his own Mortal Kombat character screen.

Gotta love how he's drawn like this in every shot compared to the other guys.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't think that was his butt crack.

Now he's acting like he's in a love scene (I guess)

"Why would pick him over me?!"

"I'm too sexy to dump!"

Oh sure now they pay attention.

Who asked you Trollestia?

I bet your wondering what that tension meter is for. Again I could care less.

More acting.

Too much chaos, not enough eyes on Takamatsu. I think the blue haired guy in the back has the right idea.

His backside is excellent!

And now he's flexing!

"I'm too sexy for this towel!"

So using it as nunchucks is a better idea!

He's gonna go Tak-fu on your ass!

Time for a race.

Wow he looks better in this shot!

And this one!

Baseball anyone? I call Takamatsu on my team!

Even he's obsessed with his body!

Do you even care about the situation in these pictures?


Fans. Now all of them are shirtless! I still say Takamatsu beats them all.

And now....I don't know. 

And that's the end. Don't worry they aren't dead. Just tired. Now if you'll excuse me I must acquire Takamatsu's pants before he wakes up~


  1. Great work! Two things though:

    1. You forgot the "T is for" part of the post title.

    2. Just so you know, the tension meter was part of a plan they had to put in as much energy as possible so it would look like they're enjoying purgatory. If enough tension was built, that Angel girl they're after would think something's wrong and report it to God, who's the real one this team is after. That's as simple as I can put it.

  2. Could it be? I've found someone who loves Takamatsu almost as much as me?

  3. It is indeed he's almost forgotten...he is also a good character and I love him