Friday, May 3, 2013

F is for Fisheye

digiharrison here! Back with a brand new post! This time we have a more effeminate character, Fisheye from Sailor Moon S. He's part of an Amazon Trio of the Dead Moon Circus. They steal the dreams of people. Those of you who've seen the English dub only might not know that Fisheye was originally a male in the Japanese version. This episode makes it pretty clear that he is indeed male and you'll see why soon so let's get started!

And prepare for one of the hottest outfits you'll ever see him in.

Hubba hubba.

BTW, yes you do look good!

I think Fisheye was my first male crush. 

Look at that sideboo... eh pec? I dunno.

Those are his comrades Hawk's Eye and Tiger's Eye. 

They're not very enthusiastic about their partner's effeminate ways.

Fisheye usually claims his victims by posing as a woman. It usually works. I mean if you walked into a room and Fish Eye was wearing nothing but this 

wouldn't you think he was a woman?


Yes you.

That's the person he mentioned before, Yoshiki Usui. He's implied to be gay too. One of the many things I loved about Sailor Moon was that it wasn't afraid to have homosexual characters and undertones. Of course they changed those in the English dub but hey it's still there in the original material and you can't change that.

Did I mention they kept this scene in the dub before it was released uncensored? Reason I bring that up is Fisheye is female in the English dub and he's clearly not wearing a shirt or pants *rawr* here. So according to what I just said, it's not okay to have gay characters, but it is okay to have topless women in their underwear. Good job censors, good job.

Damn subtitles. I couldn't remove them cause they were embedded in the file.

I understand how he feels. I hate getting poked by needles too.

They should like him. They're lucky to even have him.

Damn right he does.

And now for big reveal!

Yowza! This scene was kept too but they cropped out his chest. Again, gay characters = no no. Topless women = a ok.

His physique is not that impressive but I like his slender body.

That's Usui's apparent lover. In the dub he was his brother.


I'm so jealous right now.

He's just jealous cause Fisheye's on his man.

Frame-by-frame for the speedo.

That jerk. How dare he push Fisheye like that!


Well that's a little too far.

But eventually he leaves on his own. This is a great shot of him btw.

And here is in his cute little nightie. Of course when he usually wears it he doesn't have anything under it like here.

That looks like an almost-rape face to me. And I love it.

Now all of Usui's workers leave him.

And that train came to an end.

I'm pretty sure that's an insult.

It just sounds like one.


What happened to one and two?

But I don't wanna...

Enter Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon.

I just noticed how long his fingernails are.

He just asked if Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon feel shameful for jumping around in such short skirts. They didn't seem to care much.

Well that's the end of Fisheye's post. Unfortunately later in the series he and the rest of the trio died. But then the Amazoness Quartet came and they were even hotter and stayed alive. That's a consolation right? Right? I'll go now.