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Saturday, October 1, 2011

M is for Mako Tsunami

 Coonfoot here with another new post in a single day (or night-morning at the time I'm writing this)! Just so you know, me and Digiharrison will be alternating between posts. He does one, then I do one, and so on. Now that that's out of the way...

MY first hunk I'll be posting about will be the marine-themed duelist from Yu-Gi-Oh!, Mako Tsunami! Known as Kajiki Ryouta in the original Japanese version, this guy looks fierce, but even though he can be in a duel, he's quite friendly and prone to laughing a lot. He's been looking for his dad even since they were separated during a freak storm at sea... And he's obviously built a lot of muscle while doing so! These shots of him are from his very first major appearance, "Attack from the Deep"
As luck would have it, when he first appears from out of the ocean, he's shirtless AND soaking wet! In fact, he goes without a shirt through the entire episode! What an introduction!
Even little shots like this are hot to me!
...And this is why! This guy is built from head to toe!
Wait, Mako, are you mad at Yugi and his friends eating your lunch? I was too busy staring at those nice calves of yours to notice.
An unexpected wave ruins his chance to look threatening in front of our heroes. Luckily, he has the body for swimming AND climbing!
See? He's got the bod! Look at him unknowingly flex his arm!
"Oh, there you are, Yugi! You're so short, I didn't even see you!"
Another potentially threatening act of his ruined... By an unwanted octopus on his head.

Joey's seen enough hentai to know where an octopus can be leading to... That's really why he's laughing.
"I shall have no part in fanfiction-style fantasies!" *toss!*
Eventually, Mako lightens up long enough to actually make friends with the gang.
"Wow, Mako! You have such broad shoulders!"
"I know! The can barely even fit into a close-up shot!"
Now he feels guilty that his shoulders made the cameraman pull back on the shot.
"Alright... First I DERP'd, but now, I SRS!"
Mmm... Bottom view... With a spear...
*toss again!*
Don't let the Abridged Series fool you. Yugi didn't leave after that spear chucking. He accepted Mako's "request" for a duel!
"God, I'm hot!"

It doesn't look like he's wearing pants in these shots, does it? ^_^
He's playing a card in a dramatic way, most likely to show off his underarms.
His pecs moved when he was laughing here. I'm not joking.
While Atem asks about his back story, we see another of his backs! His rippling back!
I love dramatic shots like this. It usually means hotter shading and muscle detail!
There are weird shots that I like in this episode... Even his clenched fist seems hot to me!
 Why am I thinking "raep faic" here?
Now, look at the next three shots of impending defeat and say it with me...
 "Hummunah WHAAA?!"
More hot lighting!
Uh... This is one of those shots that works better without an explanation...
Dramatic poses of defeat! Silly for most other people, but strangely sexy for Mako! And still a little silly...
Sweat, on the other hand, is full-on sexy! Not just strangely!
I could swear he's actually flexing for us in these defeated poses...
 Yeah, he's definitely flexing. Quickly look between those last two shots. That's the tense quiver of a bodybuilder-style flex!

Well, that'll do for me! Digiharrison's going to get to work on another Caleb post soon! Turns out I suggested the wrong episode to him last time. Oops!

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