Sunday, March 10, 2013

T is for Terry

Digiharrison here! Feels good to be back in action here and at FTG. I forgotten how much I enjoyed doing these kinds of posts but now I'm back and ready to go! Here's Terry McGinnis from Batman Beyond. Let's be honest, the show isn't as popular as it should be and people don't remember a lot of the characters. That includes Terry himself. So because of that this post is dedicated to him and him only (as in without the Bat Suit) from the episode "Rebirth Part 1". (P.S: There's a bonus at the end)

Dat smile.

How rude!

That'll teach him to bump into hot guy and not apologize.

Those guys are called "Jokerz". As their name implies they idolize and take after The Joker (though none of them can really live up to his standards).

DAYUM! Terry's ripped for his age!

This wrestling scene would have been hotter if 1. He was shirtless and 2. If he wasn't wrestling with the biggest douche in his school, Nelson Nash.

And said douche proceeded to spit on Terry's beautiful face which resulted in an almost fistfight.

Why do the douches always get away with stuff while the hotties take the fall? It's so unfair!

That's Terry's father. Spoiler alert: He dies.

He grounds Terry for what happened in the wrestling match.
But does he listen?

Of course not! He proceeds to punch the wall without hurting his hand and leave.
That's his hot girlfriend Dana. The fandom doesn't like her cause she acts like a bitch towards him once he becomes the new Batman even though she doesn't know. Also because she gets in the way of other ships which I won't go into right now. Bottom line: she's hot, he's hot, bring on the well drawn artwork of them having hot steamy sex!

There's dat smile again!

And the Jokerz are back.

Nice dodge.

Y'know I don't think it's ever explained where he got his fighting skills from. I guess you need to be born a fighter to live in Neo Gotham.

And he also knows how to operate a motorcycle.

Again guess it comes naturally.

The man you see beside him is Bruce Wayne. Don't let his old age fool you, he can still kick some ass... Provided he has his medication on hand.

The helmet comes off.

Shit's 'bout to go down.

All in a day's work.


Fun fact: Bruce was still fighting as Batman in his old age but after having a heart attack and almost resorting to shoot someone he stopped.

He's still got his mansion though.

Going out the front door's not an option. Bruce's dog, Ace, hasn't taken a shine to Terry yet.

So he makes a call to his dad.

'Ello? What's that behind him?

A secret passage behind the clock?

Wonder where this leads to...

Yep you guessed it. He found the Batcave.

But old Brucey isn't too happy about that.

And this is when Terry's father died.

But looks like he left behind something important.

And no it's not porn.

I'd go into more detail but I'm not quite caught up myself. All I can tell you is that it involves a traitor in Bruce Wayne's company.

So Terry pays another visit to ol' Brucey.

And the new Batman saga begins.

So with this part done it's now time for the bonus! Prepare your bodies! It's gonna get hot!

*Wolf whistle*

These first couple of episodes provided a lot of eye candy for guys and gals!

I'm pretty sure this was done intentionally.

And thus ends Terry's post. Hope you all enjoyed! Coon's got another nice treat for ya coming up! Also if I ever come across Terry shirtless I'll be sure to let you know.