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Thursday, October 13, 2011

H is for He-Man (2002 version)

It's Coonfoot again and I'll admit it. The all-around character of He-Man isn't all that forgotten... But this version of him is. This was the 2002 Mike Young remake and while it barely lasted two seasons, it was better made and deeper than the original to me. Things from the 80's that were originally just toy commercials in series form have somehow been getting improved remakes ever since the 2000s... *ahem*Ponies...

Another thing that made this remake better was that He-Man actually became attractive. In the original, he was just a fruity looking guy with a weird bowl cut (and Prince Adam wasn't any better). In this, he was a true barbarian BAMF with beautifully unruly locks. Plus, his overly-ripped body was actually hot!

I'll post some choice shots of the first five-or-so episodes...
This was close to one of the first normal shots of him.
Chicks love a big freakin' sword and he knows it. Look at that smirk.
"F*** you, rock!" (this was a shot without all the rubble)
What rotten luck... It's a gorgeous upwards shot of him with nice muscle detail and there's a credit in the way!
...That's a little better.
God, he's handsome!
He-Man needs a chunk of the Earth for his next move and he uses his sword to wedge it out. Look at those massive guns of his go to work!
The guns' work continues! This guy lifts a ton of boulders in the series. He manages to look good each time.
It might be because of how ridiculously strong it makes him look. He'd probably wear women out in the bedroom! He might even break something of theirs... But I bet they would even mind if it was him doing it!
He-Man faces Skeletor for the first time in the series with a confident "Come at me, Bro!" stance!
He saves the king in part and shows off his rippling back in the process!
A body like that makes even mundane poses like this interesting!
Up against the wall in battle, but still looking better than everyone else!
Like I said, he does this a lot.
This episode (Episode 5: "Sky War") had He-Man drawn with even more muscle detail than usual in a lot of shots. Obviously, this is a good thing to a lot of us! Yum!
And a bondage scene with living vines?! As if things couldn't get even hotter!
Oh yeah, there's Teela in the back. Her looks got sexier in this series, too. Maybe the Forgotten Toon Girls blog could do a post about her...
He-Man is about to use an incoming attack to his advantage... This camera truck-in showed him with a really sexy expression and lighting!
I assumed he could have just flexed his arms a little and broken those vines on the spot. I would have loved to see it happen...
He's got his arch enemy up in the air with a single arm here. If I was in this situation, I actually wouldn't mind...
I love it when he does that!

That about does it for me at the moment. I'll have more He-Man again soon.

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