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Sunday, October 2, 2011

R is for Raymond

So far, the guys we've been posting about may have been obscure somehow, but they were actually recurring characters in their own shows. However, it's time we also started talking about REAL obscure characters. Ones that only appeared once! With that in mind, I can think of no show that has more one-time male hotties than Totally Spies. These boys often got into a loving relationship with one of the three main girls for a whole episode, which led me to dub them "Boyfriends of the Day."

This BotD has to be my all-time favorite: Raymond, from the episode, "The Incredible Bulk." Even in the above shot alone, the episode already lives up to its name! Raymond is supposedly a teenager, but he is R-I-P-P-E-D ripped!! Adding his nice hair, yummy tan skin, and the fact that he's a friggin' instructor at a gym(!), this might be the best guy any of the spies ever scored! If he wasn't so obscure, he would've made it on this list of mine.
When the girls take a trip to the gym, the biggest thing (emphasis on "big") that catches Alex's eye is Raymond finishing up a work out...
...Drenched in sweat...
...And looking right at her!
After that gorgeous smile, Alex faints right then and there. (I would have done the same, honestly)
Lucky Alex! This is the first thing she sees when she comes to!
My only real concern about this impending relationship is how huge he is compared to her! If they ever got freaky, him being on top would be out of the question...
Sam and Clover seem to approve of all this, though! They're basically saying, "Great catch, girl! Go on and tap that!"
Uh... Is that a mini-weight in his front pocket or is he just happy to see her? The animation in this go did get a little weird looking at the strangest times...
Look at how effortlessly he can pick up that barbell!
 Again, lucky Alex! She gets to grab onto those massive biceps!
Can both of her hands really fit into just one of his hands?! This dude must be on something... (oddly, we find out what later in the episode...)
Now, Raymond just invited Alex to watch him compete in a bodybuilding competition later! From just that invitation and that hot shot of the back of his arms, we all know why Alex is immediately excited!
Look at that sexy smirk. Even he knows...
(wait for it...)
YES! YES!!! SHIRTLESS AND IN TIGHT SHORTS!!! It's the official attire for bodybuilding and I'm happy that it is!
Ignore that foreboding-looking energy bar. We'll get to that the next time I talk about Raymond. Anyway, on with what's happening now!
Surprise treat for our bisexual readers! Alex's juicy Latina booty! Raymond's sure glad to see her here.
I just wanted to show this funny in-between shot because it looks like he's about to jump her and sex her brains out. For the third time, lucky Alex!
I forgot to mention the body oil he must have on! You can tell Alex want to run her hand all up and down that action!
Hey, didn't I say to ignore that thing? Oh Raymond, you hunky rebel...
The standard ready-for-the-show pose before competitors really show off...
Sweet Genius! Look at that definition! *fans self*
He is SO going to win...
Even his backside is rock-hard! Praise be to those tight shorts!
Another in-between that I found amusing. It's almost like he's strutting towards us and saying, "Lay yourself down and I'll do the rest..." Oh, that charmer...

Now, the last few shots of this post shall be each frame of his posing and flexing up close. I just didn't want to leave out ANY of this sexy overload!
I'll stop here. Not just because this post is long enough as it is, but I'm saving the rest of Raymond's moments for another time. Why? Well, it's just a bit different from what we've seen here...

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