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Saturday, October 15, 2011

R is for Raymond (Musclegrowth edition)

Yeah, we're back to this one-time hunk from Totally Spies! Why? Well, the last time we saw him, we were right in the middle of his steamy performance at a bodybuilding competition. The reason I saved the rest of his shirtless glory for another post is that this is the part where things get more... Kinky.

You see, even though it's a kids show, the spy girls have faced a fair share of "fetish fuel" moments: Torn clothing, shrinking, various water tortures, tightening clothing, weight gain, and even muscle growth. Now it's time for a guy in the show to experience muscle growth!
Hey, someone will think it's hot. Even I do to an extent. I'll just post the shots where Raymond's face isn't too creepy (that's the extent I was talking about).
This is him right before it mysteriously happens to him. I just want to savor the last few shirtless moments of his normal bod... If that was even normal to begin with. He's an unnaturally ripped teenage stud!
 ...And there we go.
 One side-effect to all of this is that it makes his really aggressive, so he proceeds to throw the other bodybuilders offstage. That's one way to eliminate the competition...
 Not even the girls are safe from his tossing power!
 If you haven't guessed by a lot of stuff I post, I'm a sucker for beefy guys. They're the only king of guys that make me bi-curious. In fact, just individual shots of their ripped body parts get me a little hot.
 I bet Alex wanted to "ride" on Raymond already, but not like this!
 Screw this!
 Hul--er... Raymond SMASH!

Later, when he gets to the villain's lair...
 A-ha! Those energy bars that I told you to ignore last time! That's what's making him grow! All part of the villain's plan to do away with all bodybuilders other than himself: An ironic punishment of gaining muscle until they blow up!
 Hmm... Chocolate energy bars that make you the opposite of fat? If it weren't for the crankiness and the risk of exploding, I'd so try to look for those!
 Raymond's in the final stages of blowing-up-itude! But...
 Surprise Clover!
She manages to seal with pie-hole (or bar hole, in this case) so he won't eat anymore! Phew! He lives to be sexy another day! ...As soon as those bars wear off.

I just want to make a note to my fellow poster here, Digiharrison, that Alex actually takes some of those bars to gain muscle and stop the villain. I know he's a fan of Alex and maybe that would be interesting enough for him to make a post about that in his Forgotten Toon Girls blog!

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