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Saturday, October 15, 2011

T is for Takamatsu (shirtless edition)

If you ask me my last post did no justice for this stallion. So to make up for it here's a shirtless edition that I'm sure that'll do more justice than needed!

Starting from the last episode with some shots I missed. Here we see Takamatsu showing off his bod to the entire student body. At least the smart one's who are paying attention like that girl and the two dudes (ironic eh?)

And he failed to distract everyone so he got launched into the air. He doesn't seem to feel any pain.

Don't be upset Takamatsu. We think you're hot.

Maybe he would have attracted more people if he took off his pants as well.

Now for a break.

He seems to be obsessed with his body. Who wouldn't?!

Now into episode 6 where they are leaving a place called the "Reflection Room" 

Notice how his body shines.

Okay are all the girls in this show lesbians? They have to be if they keep ignoring this stud!

Yeah he kinda stays shirtless for the whole episode.

And now he's doing push-ups! Yowza! If I had the right tools I would have made a GIF out of this. Oh well. Hope this makes up for the last post!

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  1. You know what's weird? He actually does mention the possibility of taking off his pants! He does so in the shot right under where you brought it up.