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Saturday, December 31, 2011

C is for Commissions

Hola fellow animated guys enthusiasts. Digiharrison here! Tomorrow's the big day the world hits 2012 and I just figured why not share all the great guy commissions I received this year like this one of Takamatsu from my good buddy Coonfoot. We finally get to see that heartthrob Takamatsu without his pants. Coon did a great job capturing the anime style wouldn't ya say? It was definitely worth the wait! Now let's move on to the other great guys!

This was a commission from an artist named Laskex21. She drew Wyatt from 6teen relaxing on the beach looking totally hot. For those of you who are fans of the show you might recall those same briefs in the episode "Oops I dialed again". Only this time we something better than a phone in them =P

This was a commission from we7 who got his account hacked earlier in the year. I wanted him to draw Sakura from an anime called "Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro Chan" since there isn't a lot of good art of him. So what inspired this you asked? All can be explained here.

Last one. Sure it may not be hot like the others but this was a very special gift for a very special friend of mine, eccentricass, who cosplays Harley Quinn while her boyfriend did the Joker. Unfortunately he lost a battle with cancer this year and it just devastated eccentricass. So I asked my friend Dragonhorse10 to draw her a picture of one of her boyfriend's poses as the Joker. He did a pretty good job too. Here's the original pose. Alright people that's it for this year! See you all in 2012 with more hot animated guy goodness. Later check out Forgotten Toon Girls for a similar post! ;)