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Saturday, October 8, 2011

T is for Takamatsu

Time for someone a bit more obscure. This is Takamatsu from Angel Beats. Although it is a recent series this guy is severely overlooked. I don't know much about the series but from what I can gather from episode 5 it's apparently about a girl who a group thinks is an angel sent by God and is trying to assassinate her. Like I said I'm not sure but I can say that this guy is quite the looker! 

I almost mistook the blue haired guy for him once. They're both equally handsome now that I bring it up.

But what you should really know about this guy is....

Underneath he's a total stud!

Even Rarity agrees.

In this scene he got rocketed into the air by a rocket fueled chair (lol rhymes) because he couldn't distract people wiith his awesome bod. Those people missed the sight of their lives.

And that's all I have of Takamatsu for now. There weren't a lot of screenshots by himself in episode 5 but I've heard he gets better looking in episode 6. Do I sense another shirtless edition post?

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