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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

L is for Lance (Shirtless Edition)

Lance is back! Now it's time to look at all the muscle under that tight shirt of his! (which is most likely tight just because of all the muscle)

The Sym-Bionic Titan episode these shots come from, "Elephant Logic," marks Lance's first of many times he's seen with out a shirt... And boy, is it a great first! It happens while he's working out -- A huge turn-on for me!

As a heads-up, there's going to be a lot of frame-by-frame goodness in this post...

 Yes, he's doing upside-down sit-ups. How else can you get abs like that? Judging by the jump rope and those massive weights, he's dedicated to staying in shape while hiding out on Earth.

Sadly, Ilana wants him to take a break for the sake of homework. If it were any other girl, they would tell him to keep going...

Oh, that's where he's hanging from. I need one of those installed myself...

Man, the animators on this show were crazy about character detail. He doesn't just have washboard abs; He's got washboard obliques!

Again, any other girl would be enjoying the show, but Ilana's a dedicated student who's got school work on her mind. Plus, she has to keep up the ruse that she's Lance's "sister." (also, the creator said they wouldn't get together anyway because of how cliched it is)

And now we even get a closeup! Check all the sweat! Yum!

No! Don't listen to her! Keep going!

Well, at least now we can enjoy looking at him right-side-up now.

If it wasn't Ilana with that look on her face, I'd think she's finally enjoying looking at Lance...

Ready for that homework now, Pecs? ...I mean Lance?

Thankfully, no.

Biceps need love, too, Ilana. On with the push-ups!

Ilana then storms out to handle the homework by herself, leaving us with this:
Man, I'd like to be under him during that...

That's all the sweaty muscle from Lance we get from this episode -- And this post. I'll be back with more scenes from more episodes soon enough!

...Oh, and here's some gifs of his work out that I found from various parts of Tumblr:
I need to get on this workout program...

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