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Sunday, March 3, 2013

L is for Lance Lunis (and "LONG time since last post")

...Oh, yeah! I remember this blog! Why hasn't this been touched in a while? Oh, wait. It was my turn to make a post last time, wasn't it? Oops. Guess I finally remembered, huh? The blog got a big surge of traffic recently because of a mention of it on the Shirtless Superheroes blog (after I suggested a post idea), so I thought it was time to dust off the cobwebs and get back to posting. Better extremely late than never.

The first post in over a year features a huge hunk from Sym-Bionic Titan... A show that really shouldn't have been forgotten or even cancelled so early (damn Cartoon Network). Out of protest of that injustice, this guy is also one of the lookers featured in the blog's banner. It took me until now to finally make a post for him, but here he is... Lance Lunis!

In the first episode, "Escape to Sherman High," Lance is hot enough to gain a lot of popularity on his first day of school. It's his first day because he's really a humanoid alien from the planet Galaluna, hiding from an enemy alien race that invaded that planet.

These are his teammates from Galaluna, who are posing as his family (the big one named Newton actually being a robot named Octus). They're much less popular at school then Lance, but Ilana (the girl) doesn't seem to give a care in this picture.

 In the following episode, "Neighbors in Disguise," the "family" (with Octus also posing as a dad) set up their new hideout in a perfectly normal-looking suburban house. Too bad they themselves don't know much about the Earth standard of normal yet.

Lance was assigned to protect Ilana by her own dad, the King of Galaluna. That's right, she's a princess. With her being such a huge target for their home planet's invaders, Lance is super over-protective of her.

See? So is Octus. If she wasn't so annoyed by this, she might stop to appreciate the feel of Lance's muscular arms... I know I would.

He's even hot enough to be mistaken as Ilana's boyfriend by their new neighbor! Ilana has to clarify that he's her "brother," so the neighbor's disappointed that she can't have any of that!

(BTW, she wouldn't anyway. The creator, the great Genndy Tartakovsky, said Lance and Ilana wouldn't end up together because he wanted to avoid that cliché. Tough luck, shippers.)

Continuing with Lance's over-protective nature, here he is chasing after Ilana, who just wants time to herself at the mall, like most girls her age.

And now, let us stop to appreciate Lance's gorgeous flowing hair...
Weird how he has the long hair and his "sister" has the short hair... Guess Genndy wanted to avoid that cliché, too...

Although I'm saving the shirtless stuff for Lance's next post, it's already obvious that he's in insanely good shape. This sequence is a good example of that, as he parkours after the bus Ilana's riding in like nobody's business!

I'd show more pics of his run, but a lot of shots have him too far away for us to see a lot of good hunky detail...
...And some are too close.

Fortunately, there's enough flowing hair to make up for it.
And now we see his rape face? I love this sequence!

At last, he caught up to her!
...But she's not too happy about it. Yes, even a dreamboat like Lance can have funny faces.

"Hey Lance, the Jerk Store called. They're running out of you. ...Go see them on the second floor up there."

Can I also point out how his shirt barely fits over his muscles? His pecs are usually stretching it out! Even here, the shirt's trying to stick itself between them! It's living the dream...

Still, even with his over-protective nature, Lance means well. Sadly, it takes Ilana until the end of this episode to see that.

I'll use this charming image as a bookend to this post. Lance should be back on this blog very soon... Sans the shirt!

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